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This has been a hot debate since the florida SEO was coined. Rankings are a ‘means to an end’ and not the endgame itself. The one exception is in Reputation Management Campaigns. Racking up large numbers of Ranking Positions may boost a business owner’s ego, but they are not best for the long term survival of a business. There are several things to take into consideration when gaging the value of ranking positions. Do the ranking positions: 1. Provide qualified, interested visitors. 2. Do the visitors ‘want’ your products? 3. Are the visitors in the curiosity, research, or fact finding stage, or are they in the final ‘buy now’ stage? 4. Can you solve the visitor’s needs in a satisfactory manner? 5. Do the ranking positions bring traffic? 6. Does the traffic bring sales/results? 7. If the campaign is beyond the setup stages is it self sustaining?

The answers to these questions can dramatically change the keyword focus. For example, XXX may have 100 000 searches a month, but only generate 2 sales. But a long tail keyword that generates only 30 searches a month may generate 8 sales a month. Not only that, the long tail keyword may be more affordable, and easier to optimize for. All Marketing is a Gamble When you invest in any type of marketing or advertising you are gambling on your success. It is imperative that you realize that your competition is also gambling on their success. Marketing is not a spectator sport. Business owners who succeed do not passively watch others create their marketing campaign. Instead they offer the company anything, and everything, they need. A smart business owner will write their own articles, find pictures, news stories, videos, and are active on social networking. Assumptions and Presumptions One thing I always ask clients, ‘are the customers out there?’ The answer is not always yes. Even if it is yes, the website/business owner may not have exactly what the consumer needs. There are a lot of great ideas that don’t take off because the business owner has a fantastic idea but cannot communicate it well, or just can’t ‘sell’ to consumers. The assumption that ‘build it and they will come’ works on the internet can sabotage the strongest SEO campaigns. It is backwards. In internet marketing you need to find the potential consumers and then build what they want – consumercentric marketing is the secret to success on the internet. Inbound Marketing One of the secrets of inbound marketing is problem solving and/or entertainment. Before hiring any SEO firm you need to learn who your customers are, and what they want. Once you know this look for an SEO firm that is focused on performance, purchasing behavior, and success. Do not settle for the SEO firm that does not ask questions about your business or your customers. Steer clear from the companies that only focus on selling link building or cheap blog writing. Avoid the companies that write articles that make your company look ‘second rate’ because the articles are poorly written.


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